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DS Teams

2019-20 DS (Development Stream) Program

With the 2019-20 House League season well underway, it's time to start putting together our DS (Development Stream) teams. This year, the FGHA will be offering the DS program for the Atom, Peewee and Bantam House League (HL) divisions.

In order to make all of our programs work, we need volunteers. At this time, we are still need coaches for the Atom and Peewee DS teams. We cannot run the teams without volunteers stepping up to coach them. If you're interested please contact Pete Fletcher and Sean Andrus right away. (Don't worry though, the board will work with you to help get these teams up and running!)

DS gives House League players the opportunity to play extra hockey with both games and tournaments. This can serve for some individuals as a way to get a taste for rep hockey, and for others it adds that little extra ice time and travel to fulfill their hockey dream. All HL players are invited and encouraged to try out for the DS team in their division. With the short season, your DS Coach will be looking for your commitment to make every effort to participate in games, tournaments and practices. Read on for more information.

What is DS? 

  • This division provides House League players the opportunity to play against DS teams from other associations either in Exhibition games or DS tournaments.
  • The skill level of DS is between HL and Rep (Competitive).
  • DS provides a player and her family the opportunity to play at a higher level without the commitment of our Rep program teams.
  • It also provides players and families an idea of what the Rep Program is all about if they decide to pursue a higher level than DS in future years.

When is the DS “Season”?

  • Tryouts will start soon (see below)
  • Games & tournaments can begin after the DS team has been selected.
  • Games & tournaments end mid April

How much Ice Time will DS teams have?

DS teams are permitted to play a maximum of:

  • 8 exhibition games against other DS teams
  • Up to 3 DS Tournaments
  • Practice ice will be at the discretion of the coach and based on availability of ice

 Who is eligible to play DS?

  • Any House league player registered with a House League team in the FGHA
  • Teams are made up of players registered on a HL team who have been selected from a series of tryouts for each age group.
  • Players playing on a DS team may fully participate on their house league team and in house league tournaments

How can I be part of one of the teams?

  • Each House league player is welcomed to try out for the team in their age group.
  • There is a cost to cover the ice for each tryout that your player attends (see below).
  • These fees will be collected at the door upon registration.
  • Each coach will evaluate the players and will pick a team from the players who attend.

Does it cost extra?

  • There is an additional cost to play on a DS Team.
  • DS Costs will be vary by team depending on things like the number of players on the team, number of tournaments entered etc.
  • Fundraising and sponsorship by the team will also help to limit costs to families.
  • Budgets for all teams will be transparent and presented to all players families who make the team.

 When would we play?

  • Games could be on week days and/or on the weekends.
  • There may be times when a DS player is on the ice twice in one day due to timing of HL games / practices and DS games / practices.
  • Ice scheduling will be coordinated to minimize conflicts.

How much travel is involved?

  • There may be some travel depending on where the 8 exhibition games and (up to) 3 tournaments are.
  • The coaching staff will determine where the team plays their away games and tournaments.
  • Home games will be at one of our area arenas

When can we try out?

  • All tryouts have a fee of $10.00 per skate, payable in cash at the door.
  • Tryout times are:
  • Bantam: 8pm Monday November 4th - Carlisle
  • Atom: 7pm Monday November 11th - Carlisle
  • Peewee: 8pm Monday November 11th - Carlisle