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FUNdamental (IP)

2018/19 Season Information


Fees:  $125 / player


We will once again be running our IP program out of Carlisle Arena on Saturdays from 12PM - 2PM (2 groups - 1hr per group).  We will confirm around mid September whether your daughter will be assigned to the 12PM or 1PM group.  IP will start in October and run through to March Break (with a break during the Christmas Season).



·         To introduce children to a fun physical activity.

·         To teach the FUNdamental skills of hockey.

·         To help them acquire an understanding of co-operation and team play.

·         Introduce them to the concepts of team play.

·         To help the children develop self-confidence.


What is the IP program?

It is Hockey Canada's Initiation Program. Its main purpose is to make the beginners first impression of hockey a positive one. The emphasis is on progressive skill development and fun. The IP program is designed to give each participant a sense of personal achievement.

The IP Program provides basic hockey skills instruction to girls between the ages of 4 to 6 years. Players are grouped according to skill level and work thought the IP lessons, activities and games. The Main Goal is to make the beginners first impression of hockey a good one. When players get started on a positive note, they enjoy the game and go on to have fun playing hockey.

The Flamborough Girls Hockey Association sponsors the Initiation Program for the young girls in our community who wish to learn to skate and to learn the basic skills to play the game of hockey.

Hockey is a great sport for girls and starting early will develop a life-long love of the game and the environment!  You will really enjoy watching her confidence grow as her skills develop.  She will make some life long friends and be involved in something big!

Overview: Our biggest objective with the IP program is to simply have fun.  It can take a little while for the girls to gain their balance and be comfortable on their skates and this is not a problem!  Encouragement of all our players (IP to Midget) goes a long ways towards building up the girls’ confidence and self-esteem and leads to success both on and off the ice.  Some of the IP girls have skated before and others have likely not.  Regardless of the skill level of your player we ask that you simply encourage your skater and not worry too much if they are having trouble skating let alone standing.  Our IP program has been very successful when we simply focus on the positive, encourage the skaters and have fun.  As long as they are having fun and come off the ice with a smile, everything is going according to plan!

We would ask that each player bring their own water bottle each week (filled with water) that is clearly labelled and marked with their name as we will have a few water breaks to give the girls (and coaches) an opportunity to catch their breath.  For health reasons, we discourage players from sharing water bottles. 

As well, it takes a little while for the coaches to learn the players’ names and as such, we would ask that you use some white hockey tape and write your daughter’s name on their helmet so the on-ice help can easily identify the girls by name.

Equipment:  Full gear is required along with a mouth guard, helmet with a cage/visor and a jill.

Males in the Dressing Room:  No males (of any age) are permitted in the dressing room.  We ask that you assist the girls outside of the change room or have them get dressed before arriving at the arena.

On-Ice Help:  We will be having some of our older Falcons players on ice to assist and instruct our IP players.  Our experience is that our younger players (in all divisions) see the older Falcons as role models and respond better to the girls than the coaches or parents.  This aside, we will be seeking some on-ice help with running the IP program from Moms and Dads.  You will have to have a current and valid Police Check with a Vulnerable Sector Screening in order to help on the ice.  If you are interested in helping, print off the Police Check letter which is located under "Forms" on the website and take it into the main Hamilton Police Station and you will receive a reduced rate for the police check.  If you are interested in helping on-ice, please send an email to our FUNdamentals (IP) Coordinator Scott Groves at and depending upon the level of interest, we may set up a rotational schedule.

Finally, historically, fathers are very quick to offer their assistance with on-ice activities, however seeing as the FGHA stands for the Flamborough Girls Hockey Association, it goes without saying that the FGHA strongly encourages Moms as on-ice help, trainers and coaches.