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    FGHA Rep Update

    We are getting to that part of our year where we are still engaged in this season, but we also have an eye on getting things in order for next season.  Please continue to check back to our website as we will be posting pre-tryout sessions in April to get our Falcons ready.  Times/dates and fees for the pre-tryout sessions will be posted shortly.  As we get ready for our FGHA tryouts at the end of April, we have posted an updated Rep Policy that can be found attached here on the main page, but usually resides under the "Constitution/Policies" tab on the left hand side of the website.

    2019/2020 FGHA Rep Coaching Announcements

    We are pleased to announce the following coaching assignments for our rep 2019/2020 season. 

    Midget AA

    • Jim Haslip -
    • Duane Gray -

    Midget A

    Midget A/BB

    Midget BB

    Midget B

    Bantam BB/B

    Peewee BB

    Atom B

    • Rory Sneyd -

    Novice B



    FGHA Concussion Study

    The FGHA is taking part in a concussion study this year to better understand the causes of concussions within youth hockey and work toward prevention strategies.

    Please support our study by filling out our brief concussion survey (whether your child has had a concussion or not), Online (click here).

    Thank you for your support!

    For more information, please see the Concussion Resources Tab.


    Let's stay in touch and stay connected by filling out the form in the link below!!  Stay up-to-date on all things FGHA!!

    New OWHA Policy (8yrs old & under)

    The OWHA in conjunction with Hockey Canada has crafted new policy for developing hockey players at the youngest of ages.  They will be implementing the new policy attached to the right mostly in the 2019/2020 season. 

    Please take a moment to review the new policy if your daughter would be within this age group when this takes effect.